Seren Erdogan was born in Turkey in 1995.

In 2012, She was deemed worthy of the International (For Securing Emerging Artist Position in the Chugtai Art Award 2012) Art Award.

Seren Erdogan has extensive education and experience in fashion and textile design.

She completed the Fashion and Textile Design undergraduate program at Atılım University with a full scholarship.

In 2015, Seren Erdogan founded the Couture brand.

She deepened her knowledge in the world of fashion by taking courses from the Fashion Design master’s program at Gazi University.

She completed and published her master’s thesis at Başkent University under the title of A Research on Increasing Demand in Haute Couture Clothing Consumption Behaviors.

She continues her doctoral studies in Ankara Hacı Bayram Veli University, Department of Fashion Design.

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